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Vampire Energy Loss Sucks

The VampireSmart™ Charger from Vampire Labs – a More Intelligent Way to Charge

November 29th, 2010

The new VampireSmart™ from Vampire Labs reduces vampire energy loss by up to 90% and is one of the most eco-friendly and travelable chargers on the market due to its unique design and rapid charging ability. Equipped with energy efficient technology that addresses the flow of electricity that is wasted by most chargers and being just larger than a quarter, the VampireSmart™ charger is the perfect fit for those on the go who keep their planetary impact in mind.

Last year in the United States, vampire energy loss was responsible for around $10 billion in wasted electricity and contributed billions of tons of unnecessary CO2 emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere. Those numbers are expected to increase with the proliferation of mobile devices and rising energy prices.

“These new charging options will make a necessary and fundamental impact on energy use in electronic devices that quietly dominate the energy supply across the globe,” according to Vampire Labs’ VP of Marketing, Hugh Thompson. “Our desire is to influence how consumers draw energy and ultimately see all electronic devices use their energy more efficiently.”

Vampire Labs is improving energy efficiency in the world’s most ubiquitous electronic devices. As demand grows exponentially across the globe for communication devices, so increases the strain on the energy supply to support them. Learn more at

Get yours today.

Vampire Proof™ Charger Pre-Order Coming Soon!

May 28th, 2010

Vampire energy loss occurs when an electronic device, like a cell phone charger, continues to draw and waste energy when left plugged in, which adds wasted watts to your electric bill! The US Department of Energy has noted that vampire energy loss is responsible for up to 15% of a home’s annual energy costs.

Vampire Proof  Chargers are here to put a stake in vampire energy loss once and for all! Coming soon Vampire Labs will be offering an exclusive pre-order for our revolutionary vampire energy eliminating mobile phone chargers. Our patent-pending technology eliminates vampire energy loss at its core – reducing your home’s wasted energy, saving money, and ultimately saving our planet.

Visit to learn more about our exclusive pre-order, which guarantess you will be among the first people in the world to own a piece of tomorrow’s energy-efficient, ground-breaking technologies.

American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 addresses Energy Efficiency for the Future (Part 2)

June 26th, 2009

plant-plugACES, or the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, is set for a vote by the House today. While the far sides of both ideologies are crying fowl over recent compromises and concessions to ACES, those interest groups must realize that ‘compromise’ is how things get done in Washington and the importance of the bill’s framework. Usually, as in ACES’ case, the concessions are small in order to keep intact that framework. A framework that Obama recently characterized as a ‘jobs bill‘ that will see “the nation that leads in the creation of a clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the 21st century global economy.” The President went on to address critics on both sides, “We cannot be afraid of the future, and we can’t be prisoners of the past. We’ve been talking about this issue for decades, and now is the time to finally act.” Hopefully, members of Congress will agree that this is indeed a historic energy bill for the United States, a country that shares dominance of global influence but has been a clean energy laggard to a certain extent.

The previous post, American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 addresses Energy Efficiency for the Future (Part 1), was an introduction to ACES and addressed the bipartisan debate and tax payer cost issues. Part 2 highlights the energy efficiency measures drafted in Title II of ACES.

Title II – Energy Efficiency of ACES sets the framework for new energy efficiency standards and requirements. Subtitle A – Building Energy Efficiency Programs looks to (Section 201) “greater efficiency in building codes”, (Section 202) “building retrofit program”, (Section 203) designing “energy efficient manufactured homes”, and (Section 204) “building energy performance labeling program”.

Further in Title II, Subtitle B – Lighting and Appliance Energy Efficiency Programs seeks to set (Section 211) “lighting efficiency standards”, (Section 212) addresses “other appliance efficiency standards”, and (Section 213) looks at “appliance efficiency determinations and procedures”, and (Section 214) establishes a “best-in-class appliances deployment program”. Title II also addresses Utilities Energy Efficiency (Subtitle D), Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs (Subtitle E), and Improving Energy Savings Performance Contracting (Subtitle F).

Title II of ACES sets important energy efficiency precedents and has substantial future monetary savings for consumers, businesses and the global community on top of the overwhelming environmental goodwill. While all of the potential savings many not be realized immediately, this is a stop gap to the alternative — do nothing to solve the energy crisis that is depleting our planet, draining our resources and costing consumers, businesses and the global community money in wasted energy.

global-energy-sourcesEnergy efficiency in consumer electronics (which includes appliances, mobile devices and other electronic and mechanical products), along with the crucial GHG emission standards this bill addresses, is one of the single most important issues facing the global community. In 2008, vampire energy loss (wasted energy) sucked $256 Billion worth of unused energy and released 1.65 Billion tons (or 3.3 Trillion Pounds) of C02 emissions, which is alarming the scientific community and unprecedented from previous decades. The Consumer Electronics Agency has reported that consumer electronic use will only continue to rise, which means the energy they waste will move in concession.

ACES is crucial to the future vitality of our nation and a clear indication that time is of the essence. While many in politics worry about foreign threats to our security, the true menace to society is energy waste, the cost of wasted energy, eventual energy shortages and the perils of our energy demands on the planet. As Obama put it, “There’s no disagreement over whether our dependence on foreign oil is endangering our security; we know it is. There’s no longer a debate about whether carbon pollution is placing our planet in jeopardy; it’s happening. And there’s no longer a question about whether the jobs and the industries of the 21st century will be centered around clean, renewable energy. The only question is, which country will create these jobs and these industries?”